Patch Notes version 1.1.2

Greeting Detectives, another small update with some exciting news!

With all the major bugs previously addressed, this is a small update fixing a few typos and some small cosmetic glitches. There was a feature request made by rookaste to be able to review the Notebook before each puzzle area which is now in the game! This was a great suggestion and really helps the game flow. Peppyy mentioned some major glitches while moving from one area to another, which hopefully has been cleared up now with some tweaks to the game code. Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback from you all, it has helped so much!

A special thanks to usaviator for his awesome full play through of The Roze Case! I highly recommend his channel.

Due to the amazingly positive feedback and the high interest level, I am excited to announce that work has started on Part 2 of the Roze Case! This will be the last update to Part 1 while production begins on Part 2. For those who are worried that starting the next timeline might be repetitive, rest assured I have big plans to make sure that won't happen. I don't want to spoil anything but here's a brief description of Part 2 to give fans a few things to look forward to during the wait:

"The Prime Timeline is in danger, and beginning to fracture from the strain. Vyne and Paalm must now split up and solve different Timelines simultaneously with new partners in a race against the clock.  What secrets does the Briarthorne Manor hold for our young Detectives?

Until next time, "May Justice Never Be Undone!"

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